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EPSA IOM gives information about the help and support available on the Isle of Man for people with either epilepsy or psychogenic seizure (often known as PNES or NEAD).


Epileptic seizures are caused by a sudden intense electrical activity in the brain.  Seizures can take many different forms.  Sometimes, but not always, seizures can be wholly or partially controlled by anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs).

PNES or “psychogenic non-epileptic seizures” are caused by psychological factors, hence AEDs have no effect.

Some people may have both conditions.


Both epilepsy and PNES share many of the same problems and while they need different medical treatment, most of the help and support described here is relevant for both conditions.


EPSA IOM is not qualified to offer any medical advice.  For individual advice on your condition you should make an appointment with your GP.  He or she may then refer you to a visiting neurologist. If the neurologist decides that your seizures may not be caused by epilepsy, then the neurologist is able to refer you to the Health-Liaison Psychology Services.

Isle of Man Government Regulations



IOM Equality Act is not yet in force - we will give you details as soon as possible



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Campaigns and Fundraising



About 1 in 83 people are diagnosed with epilepsy and as yet we do not have an estimate of the number of people with PNES  This represents a significant number people on the Island who are not only living with these conditions but who may also have family members and carers who are affected.  At present there is no resident specialist here who is able to help those with epilepsy and PNES.


EPSA IOM are therefore campaigning to have a suitably qualified Epilepsy Nurse resident on the Island.


We will also campaign to ensure that adequate Equality Legislation is put into force as soon as possible


We are currently raising funds to:

  • Help pay for medical experts in Epilepsy and PNES to make visits to the Island in order to help inform health practitioners

  • Help support ‘out of hours’ transport from the hospital to home for people with epilepsy and PNES who have been discharged from A&E without any other means of getting home.

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