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For driving licence purposes you must inform the Licensing Authority if you have had a change in your medical circumstances or have had, for example, any of the following,  


  • An epileptic event (seizure or fit) within the last 12 months

  • Sudden attacks of disabling giddiness, fainting, blackouts or narcolepsy

  • A serious problem with memory

  • A serious problem with confusion

  • Any severe psychiatric illness or mental disorder


Any other condition, mental or physical, likely to cause the driving of a motor vehicle to be a danger to yourself or the public.


Failure to notify any relevant changes of medical conditions is a criminal offence, punishable by a fine of up to £1,000.


Excerpts above taken from form DH1 “changes of circumstances for medical reasons document”


For a Group 2 licence different conditions apply, for further information, download the Manx legislation document (current at 14:05:15) which refers to the relevant legislation for  both Group 1 and 2 licences


Links to relevant forms:

For Driving Licence applications:

Change of circumstances for medical reasons:






Currently (14:05:15) laws regarding Bus passes are under review.


If you do not drive because you have epilepsy and either have had a seizure within the last 12 months or consider that the act of driving might provoke a seizure in some circumstances, you may apply for a bus pass, provided that you no longer possess a current driving licence.  (See driving licence legislation above).


In these circumstances, you should completed the form that you can find at: ,

alternatively contact the Welcome Centre on the ground floor of the Sea Terminal, Douglas. Tel: +44 1624 662525 .


Should your circumstances change and you successfully apply for, or reapply for the return of, your licence, your bus pass will be withdrawn.  The procedure for notifying the Department of Health and Social Security about this, will be explained to you if you are granted the bus pass.


When you complete the application form for a bus pass, please give details about why having epilepsy is the reason for you not having a driving licence.  Include in this any advice you may have been given by your doctor, if relevant. If you need more space allowed by  the box currently labelled as “Please explain the nature of your disability…..”, attach a separate page to your application, and write in the box that you have included additional information on a separate page.


Please contact us by email: or phone 453965 if you need further advice





All prescriptions are free of charge for people with epilepsy who require anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs)


They are also free for those receiving Incapacity Benefit for a period of more than six months, or who receive “Employed Person’s Allowance”   Application forms are available from pharmacists


If you do not qualify for free prescription and yet have regular NHS prescriptions consisting of more than one drug per month, you may reduce the costs of these by purchasing a Prepayment Certificate (season ticket).    Please ask your local pharmacist for details of this scheme. An application form is also available at:



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