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Help for those, with epilepsy, planning to have a baby and during pregnancy


UK Epilepsy & Pregnancy Register gives help for those with epilepsy who are planning to have a baby and also during pregnancy.  This service is also available to people in the Isle of Man. For information about the organisation visit their website: or phone them: freephone 0800 389 1248



Continence advisor


“This service exists to provide professional advice, support and information to all individuals with continence problems, or their carers. Where continence cannot be retained or regained, advice on, and provision of suitable aids and appliances is included. All local residents have the right to access the service, either through regular clinic sessions held throughout the Island or via home visits”

(Government website information)


The service is completely confidential, phone 693551 (service operates Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm except bank holidays). You may then arrange to visit the regular clinic or receive a home visit. 





Live well – Stay Well Courses


For people with a long term health condition:


Live well – Stay Well Courses are for anyone over 18 years with a long term health condition.  It helps people to manage their health condition on a daily basis by introducing new skills and ways of dealing with their difficulties.

The courses are free and are run at Health and Community Centres Island wide. They involve two and half hours each week for a period of six weeks (including time for refreshments).  At the course you will meet a variety of people with different long term health conditions.


For Carers:


‘Looking After Me’: Helping Carers to Look After Themselves


  • Many carers have a health condition, that gets forgotten about within their caring role

  • The course can help carers become more confident and learn skills to enable them to take more control of their lives

                                                                                                                                      (Excerpt from the “Looking After Me” leaflet)


These courses also runs for 6 weeks in two and a half hour sessions at Health and Community Centres Island wide.

You can find more details about either course on:

or contact:  email:,  phone: 07624 486641 (9.20am to 2pm, Monday to Friday)


We will also publicise the dates and places of future courses



Mindfulness Courses


These may be useful for some people.  The Isle of Man College regularly runs 8 week courses.


“Finding Peace in a Frantic World (Mindfulness Course) - tutor - Mrs Julie Bibby - Mindfulness is a type of meditation and mind training which enables us to live more fully and authentically in the present, rather than getting caught up in thoughts about the future or the past... Studies show that it can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and aid concentration.” 

                                                                                                                  (Excerpt from the IOM College Website)


More information can be found from or from the IOM College Part-Time Course Guide.


More information on what “Mindfulness” is can be found on the website:


We also have invited Mrs Julie Bibby to give a talk about “Mindfulness” to interested members and friends of EPSA.  The date, time and venue of this will be announced in “Events” on the front page of our website



Problems at work


If you feel that you are being treated unfairly by your employers because of your health condition, the Industrial Relations Office will be happy to talk to you in confidence about these problems.  Email or phone 672942



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